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Recipe: Heart Shaped Pizza

Flowers arranged… check, candles lit…check, music playing in the kitchen…check. Now pre-heat the oven …

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Resources: MySelf

The journey to discovering who you really are begins with examination. As we evolve …

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Resources: Mate

Who’s got your back? It’s important to have the support of a special person …

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Resources: Mission

Ever wonder how to make the most of your unique gifts? Guidance in finding …

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Resources: Romance

Romantic relationship, primary relationship, your main squeeze… whatever you call it, the health of …

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Resources: Spirituality

Spitituality is all about your relationship with something greater than yourself. It is beleiving …

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Resources: Health

Building a lifestyle that supports your mental and physical health starts with a healthy …

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Resources – Career

Setting up a proper workspace from home involves many considerations. For example, is the …

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Resources – Finance

For many, their home is the largest investment/asset in their financial portfolio. From securing …

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