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The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a simple yet powerful tool used to assess all areas of your life to see which areas are aligned and functioning optimally and which areas need improvement. It is also known as the “life balance wheel,” “the coaching wheel,” or “the life wheel”.

I was introduced to the Wheel of Life by a life coach who was helping me transition through many sudden mid-life changes… from married to divorced, from Residential Design and Construction Controller to Realtor, from mom to empty nester, from living in a large luxury home to living in a temporary two bedroom apartment. At times, it felt like I was a plate spinner at the circus of life, trying not to let any plates drop. Using the Wheel of Life tool, we managed my transitions by periodically examining my next perfect life in each area and where I was on that continuum.

The Eight Areas of the Wheel of Life

Typically, eight areas on the Wheel of Life are deemed integral to creating a balanced and fulfilling life. These areas are Health, Career, Finance/Money, Love/Partner, Fun and Recreation, Environment, Family and Friends, and Spirituality. By ranking each area from one to ten, you can examine how successful each facet of your lifestyle feels now. Once you grade and color in the score for each area like a piece of the life pie, you have a snapshot of the health of your current lifestyle.

The Wheel of Life is not only about eliminating barriers to your perfect life, but it is also about living up to your full potential.

Kim Costa

The Wheel of Life as an Assessment Tool

As a successful Realtor, I noticed that every time I worked with clients, I would categorize their reasons for moving into the eight elements of the Wheel of Life. A job transfer fell under Career, welcoming a new baby fell under the Family category, purchasing an investment property for passive income fell under the Finance heading, and so on. After doing the client deep dive and listening to their conversations about what wasn’t working in their home, I asked questions in each category to uncover problems to solve and unrecognized desires. I’ve now assimilated all the questions from each Wheel of Life category into an assessment in my upcoming book, “Live in Your Wheel House.”

What is Your Vision for the Perfect Life?

The Wheel of Life is about eliminating barriers to your perfect life and living up to your full potential. Ask yourself… what an 11 would look like in each area. How am I not being authentic? What would that look like if I could have, do, and be anything? And then, how can I set up my lifestyle and home to support that vision?

To get started on your Wheel of Life vision, consider creating a vision board. Here, I show you how to make your vision board using the Wheel of Life.


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