Success Story: Romance

Lila: The Situation

Lila is recently divorced and has not yet started to date.  She isn’t excited about the prospects in her little suburban town near the big city.  After all, everyone knows all about her recent marriage breakup and her husband flaunts his new girlfriend around town.  The prospect of running into them makes her want to stay at home.  Most everyone is married with kids in her area anyway. The demographics in her current town are mostly married and more women than men.  Lila is an outdoorsy, heterosexual woman living in a town full of men in suits.  She can’t help but feel the pressure of putting on airs of high heels and lots of makeup which are popular in the small single crowd in her community.   Lila needs a change and thinks there may be someone very different from what she is seeing out there for her.  She needs a fresh start and new prospects.  She can live anywhere.

The Solution:

After getting to know Lila, we brainstorm (and I research) to see what areas have a better ratio of males to females and activities for outdoorsy singles that appeal to her.  After a couple of trips to San Diego, Austin, and Denver, she settles on Denver where I hook her up with a great Realtor who also becomes a new friend.  Lila hikes and skis and enjoys her new more aligned lifestyle with many suitors who have similar interests. She wonders if she even wants or needs a mate right now because she is having so much fun. She is taking her time to be “Lila” and feels very confident about her romantic future.


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