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Success Story: Health

Nancy: The Situation

Nancy lives in a bungalow near the city. It is an older home shaded by beautiful mature trees that she loves. Yet, the trees provide so much shade that she has mold and wood rot issues. Also, several of the limbs need to be cut lest they fall on the house while she sleeps and the tree roots are beginning to eat into her water pipes. The area has also seen a rise in burglaries and other crimes. A woman down the street was just car-jacked while getting out of her car in her own garage. Nancy fears for her safety and doesn’t go out much since her husband passed two years ago. Besides ensuring that she was safe, he used to handle all of the maintenance issues. When Nancy is at home, she can’t help but think about her missing family and the conditions that she cannot manage to fix. She raised her family in the home and has many fond memories, but she is feeling more and more depressed and overwhelmed. It’s become too much for her to live there physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Solution:

Nancy looked at several newer towhomes just out side the city limits. Close enough to still drive down, valet park and meet her friends for dinner. But in an area that is much safer, has a brand new cultural center that she can safely walk to. The home she decided on is brand new! It has no mold or rotting wood. It has new low maintenance landscaping. It is 10-15 mintues to most of her doctors offices since the medical center she’s always visited is located closer to her new home. Shopping and restaurants are located close by as well so she can get out and lift her mood when she is feeling alone. In her home she has brought many of her favorite family treasures with her. She also purchased newer furniture and some decorative items that reflect her unique personality, favoite color schemes, and interests. She is comforted by her family memeories but can also relax into her new lifestyle without being reminded of their absense at every turn. She no longer feels afraid to leave her house. It is well lit, smells brand new instead of moldy, and has views of the neighborhood pond where cardinals occasionally visit and remind her of her beloved. Nancy smiles more these days and lives a comfortable and healthy lifestyle close to medical care as she ages.


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