Success Story: Environment

Shirley and Charles: The Situation

Shirley and Charles live up North, in the Boston area, where it snows a lot.  The cold makes them stiff and their old home is drafty.  Shirley loves to do craftwork, but her hands are getting arthritis and she has nowhere to keep her fabrics and craft materials besides in the primary bedroom.  Charles likes to walk every day but recently slipped on the icy sidewalk.  Since many of their long-time friends have moved away, as well as their grown children, there was no one to help them as Charles recovered from his broken hip. The primary bedroom is located upstairs, so Charles slept on the couch while his hip healed. The lawn was an added worry as there was no one to take care of it.

The Solution:

Because home values in the Southeast are less expensive compared to the Northeast, Shirley and Charles can afford a slightly bigger home. Along with their primary bedroom on the main floor, Shirley now has a craft room in the guest bedroom on the main floor of their new home. They settled on a ranch home in a 55+ neighborhood in Canton, GA with sidewalks, a community garden, and even a gym where they can meet new people and be active in the warm climate.  The lawn is maintained by the HOA. A group of ladies meets at the clubhouse to play cards, do craftwork and catch up with each other.  There is a level of caring and access to a healthy lifestyle in the community. One of Shirley and Charles’s sons lives close by with his family.  The grandkids love to come and swim in the community pool. There is excellent medical care close by and their son is also close by to help them as they age in place at their home, as is their desired lifestyle.


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