Romance: Heart in Your Home

Vulnerability is the essence of romance. It’s the art of being uncalculated, the willingness to look foolish, the courage to say, “This is me, and I’m interested in you enough to show you my flaws with the hope that you may embrace me for all that I am but, more important, all that I am not.”

– Ashton Kutcher

Romance Starts with Understanding

When it comes to supporting romance in your home and life, it is important to understand the personalities of the two partners involved.  What one person would enjoy, another would not.  The underlying key to any successful romantic relationship is first understanding, then unconditional love.  After that, it’s about compromise and service to the other.

Foundationally, whether you are in a new relationship or have been together for thirty years, there has to be a willingness to understand each other.  Do you know your partner’s MBTI or Enneagram?  Do you know their love language?  What are their pet peeves, their hopes, and dreams, their fears, and their life’s mission?

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After understanding these things about your partner, and hopefully discussing them with each other, you will feel like you really know them, and they in turn will feel seen and understood.  This discovery of each other is crucial to the comfort level needed for true spiritual, intellectual, and then sexual companionship.  Once achieving the commitment of mind and soul… the body will submit to the pleasures that God has given us in the human form.

The underlying key to any successful romantic relationship is first understanding, then unconditional love.  After that, it’s about compromise and service to the other.

The Fun Part

Now for the fun part. Can you get creative to set the mood for romance in your home?  The following tips from Victor Cheung of Feng Shui Nexus invite you to invite romance into your life with the following intentional love tips for your primary bedroom:  

  • Get a good solid headboard.  It provides both security and stability and improves your sleep and bedroom play with less sound distraction.
  • Freshen up your bedsheets and linens.
  • Place your bed properly.  Do not place it under a window or in a corner when one person feels trapped or must climb over the other.
  • Remove extra pillows and any stuffed animals to send the message that you only have room for your partner.
  • Carefully select your bedroom art.  Do not place anything in your bedroom that depicts violence, sorrow, or religion as it provokes emotions that will distract you. Instead, use artwork that depicts love and comfort.
  • Get rid of the television.
  • Get rid of any work papers or tools in the bedroom.  Goodbye home office in the primary bedroom!
  • Bedside furniture should be symmetrical.  There should be no better side of the bed.
  • Declutter.  Clutter is a stress producer. 
  • Remove photographs of friends and family in the bedroom.  This is your intimate space. Having these types of photos in your bedroom can feel like people are looking at you
  • Increase the yin energy of the bedroom by adding light dimmers, soft music, flowing fabrics, and colors that enhance relaxation.

Romance Everywhere

While the primary bedroom is romance central in your home, we will be exploring ways to enhance your romantic relationship throughout your home.  The primary bathroom as well as other features in the home such as an intimate dining area, a cozy nook for two to snuggle and read or watch tv together, or separate areas for each partner to refuel and transition to time for intimacy can all be considered as you consciously turn up the heat on romance in your home.


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