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MySelf: What is Your True Nature?

Myself: The essential being that distinguishes me from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflective action.

-Apple Dictionary

When you hear the word myself, you might think. Oh, that’s simple, it’s me.  No brainer.  But is it really? Do you really know your true authentic self?  The real you… not the person that everyone has told you to be.  Or, a fake persona or mask that you display to the world.  

Here when I talk about Self, I am talking about your highest Self, or the part of you that is connected to God, the Universe, Nature, or whatever you believe. It is your soul and center.  The Self is typically based on positive emotions and unconditional love.

Loving myself-Lifestyle Foundations

The self is typically based on positive emotions and unconditional love.

Ego vs Self

Comparatively, we sometimes operate out of our ego.  The ego is a part of us that compares ourselves to others and seeks validation from a source other than ourselves.  When we operate out of our ego we have a false sense of self-importance.  The ego is typically associated with negative emotions and comparison.  It is based on conditional love.

Operating from your self and not your ego is one of the four grounding principles of Lifestyle Foundations that act as alignment and support for the rest of your lifestyle.  Self is assured and quiet while ego is boastful and loud.  By being quiet and realizing your true nature, you can live in alignment in your WheelHouse and thrive as an authentic YOU!

Cheerful African American Woman Opening Door And Gesturing Welcoming You To Come In Smiling To Camera Standing At Home. Hospitality, Real Estate Ownership And Purchase Concept

Will the Real You Please Stand Up?

Who are you really?  Do you have hopes and dreams and hidden talents that you hide?  Were you told that you were “too much” or “too little” and so you stopped trying?  Did you not fit in with your family or with your classmates when you were young?  So you started to morph yourself into what was acceptable. Did you suffer trauma that has forced you to adopt unhealthy coping mechanisms that in effect changed your personality?  

If you were lucky as a child, you had parents and siblings who offered understanding and support and who accepted you unconditionally and encouraged your unique gifts.  For those of you who did not have such an upbringing, you’ve had to overcome…. By doing the work through therapy, counseling, self-work, personality testing, time alone, and processing old stuck emotions, you can uncover your true Self. 

By doing the work through therapy, counseling, self-work, personality testing, time alone, and processing old stuck emotions, we can uncover our true Self.  

Personality Tests: Let’s Get Scientific

There are many personality tests that might give you some insight into how you were made.  And, in effect how to help us design a lifestyle that brings out your best authentic self. Some of these are:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Enneagram Personality Test
  • DISC Assessment
  • Gallup Strengths Index
  • The Kolbe System

My personal favorites to use are the MBTI and the Enneagram. I will talk more about these personality-based systems and how they can help us to set up your authentic home and lifestyle in future Lifestyle Foundations blogs. You can also book a call with me to discuss further options to develop your WheelHouse here.

The Myers Briggs is an indicator of a person’s psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. The MBTI is thought to be a description of in-born traits.  The Enneagram is an indicator of core motivations and the why of how we do, think, and feel. The Enneagram is based upon learned coping mechanisms we devised as a child in our environment.

MySelf-Enneagram-Lifestyle Foundations
The Enneagram Personality Test

If you’d like to connect to the links to take these tests or want more info on how you can identify your true self, click here. The MBTI and Enneagram personality tests are quick and provide insight into how you were made and how you react to life’s circumstances. Knowing these things is the first step in the WheelHouse process. Many times when people take the test, they feel as someone has looked into their soul and seen the real them. They say it is uncanny.

If you’d like to discuss you test results with me and how they might uncover you perfect home and lifestyle, you can book a call with me here.


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