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Lifestyle Foundations: Live in your Wheel House

Wheelhouse (h)wel,hous/:

  1. US. one’s area of interest, skills, or expertise.
  2. Baseball. (of a pitch) within the zone that is most advantageous for a batter to hit a home run.
  3. Organization. a place or center of control or leadership
  4. Nautical. Pilothouse, a protected area from where the Captain steers the vessel. Typically, it has the best views to plot your next adventure.
  5. Lifestyle Foundations. “Wheel House” is a home where the owner is grounded in the foundational elements of Master, Mission, Mate, and MySelf that support the lifestyle elements of Career, Finance, Environment, Health, Romance, Entertainment, Spirituality, and Friends and Family. All of these elements must align with and express the authentic identity of its owner(s).

Lifestyle Foundations is a term I coined to illustrate how a home reflects your unique personality and supports you in your life endeavors. Once you have done the Lifestyle Foundations’ deep dive to pinpoint your authentic gifts and goals and have aligned the form and function of your home with those, you will be living in your Wheel House.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for Your Home

Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to your home is the essence of creating your Wheel House. Like a home tour of your Self, as you progress from the bottom up in the hierarchy, your lifestyle builds to support you in reaching the highest levels of self-actualization and ultimately using your gifts to help others. The Wheel House process identifies lifestyle needs in each area of Maslow’s Hierarchy within the eight areas of the Wheel of Life: Career, Finance, Friends and Family, Spirituality, Romance, Environment, Fun, and Health.

In the Wheel House process, you progress upward after mastering the foundational level of the Four M’s, which are Mastery, Mission, Mate, and MySelf. Then, the main living areas (higher needs) are assessed to ensure you live authentically and up to potential in all areas of your life. These lifestyle areas include Career, Finance, Family and Friends, Romance, Environment, Spirituality, Entertainment, and Health. Each of these lifestyle areas must be supported by the Foundation of the Wheel House (the 4 Ms). Just like issues in the basement of a home cause problems in the upper levels of the house, misaligned foundational elements will cause adverse outcomes in your life.


The final set of stairs leads you to the attic, the highest level of development. In Maslow’s hierarchy, being on the top level means being self-actualized. If you can make it through this conceptual home tour to the top level, you have mastered your lifestyle. You are living in your Wheel House!

Lifestyle Foundations is the process by which home owners identify their perfect home and lifestyle, their Wheel House. Living in their Wheel House will set them free to live the life of their dreams!

Kim Costa

After you master the ascending levels of your Wheel House, you can go out into the world authentically with your gifts from a home that supports and represents the authentic you. However, if you get stuck in the lower levels along the way, a deep dive into that area must occur. Typically, when people are searching for a new home, at least one of the Foundational or Wheel of Life elements needs to be re-aligned to match their best home and lifestyle. The Wheel House process is designed to pinpoint what areas of your home and lifestyle need fixing to support you in living your most authentic, self-actualized life.

Lifestyle Foundations and the Wheel House Assessment are how homeowners identify their perfect home and lifestyle, their Wheel House. Living in their Wheel House will set them free to live the life of their dreams! Click here for a sneak peek into the process and to take a Lifestyle Lift Assessment.


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