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Friends and Family: Building Strong Ties

Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.

-Amy Poehler

What Makes a House a Home?

What makes a house a home?  More so than the decorations, it’s the people living with you and the people that you invite in.  A home is as cozy as the family and friends you have surrounding you.  Pets included!

Just picture a gathering after a holiday meal where the tables were set for all sorts of family and a few close friends.  Food was shared, toasts were given, and stories were told.  Laughter filled the room and new memories were made.  This is the stuff that fills your home with coziness and lasting good vibes.

A home is as cozy as the family and friends you have surrounding you.

When you fill your home with people who know you and accept you for who you are there is a feeling of peace.  When you open your home to anyone, you are inviting them to come closer… to really see and know you.  In turn, they add variety to your life with their gifts, stories, food that they bring, and their comforting presence.  

There are certain ways that a home can help or hinder your relationships with friends and family.  For immediate family, there is a balance of space and togetherness for everyone.  Everyone’s needs should be taken into consideration.  We will be examining all the ways that your home fits your immediate family in future Lifestyle Foundations discussions

Room to Grow Healthy Relationships

On the flip side, if things are not all rosy and you’ve had some conflict or loss with your extended family and/or close friends, such as a divorce, or a falling out, feel unsafe, or just feel as though you cannot be yourself, how do you position yourself in your home for peace, acceptance, and healthy relationships?  Unfortunately, not every change in life is positive.

Here are some thoughts on that matter:

  • If you are considering a move for a fresh start, remember first that wherever you go, there you are… in other words, your problems may follow you.  Make sure that you have given some time to pass after any serious conflict or loss.  You will want to make a clear-headed decision in your best interests, possibly with guidance from a mental health professional.  Grief is a process, give it time and ask for help
  • Know that change is its own stressor. You may be making a change that allows for growth and happiness but give it some time to unfold once you arrive.  It has been my experience that it may take a year or two to settle into your new environment. 
  • Examine many options and give them a trial run if possible.  Don’t make a rushed or snap decision based on your current level of discomfort.  Is reconciliation possible? Have you processed your grief and looked for the best solution going forward?
  • If you do decide to move, hire a local real estate professional to help you uncover the ins and outs of any area that is new to you. They should be able to answer any questions about local laws, zoning, opportunities to explore your interests, etc…
  • Take a complete inventory of what you want this family and friends area of your life to look like.  Do a deep dive into what the perfect home might offer to help make this area a fit for you.

Whether you want to move closer to or engage with your close ones more in order to increase all those good times, or you want a healthy, fresh start, there are options for you to be the best you with people who love and support you.

Your life can be full!  If you’d like to dive deeper into how your home can help create and ensure healthy relationships, book a call with me here.


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